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Armenian Cucumber and Lime Martini

Have you ever tried an Armenian cucumber? These curvy loveys are
actually of the melon family, but closely related to the cucumber. They
are similar in taste and texture to a variety of cucumbers, but 
perhaps a bit sweeter. 

Typically these are found to be long and often slender at one end, while
showing a larger mass at the other. They can be stripped like this one
or a solid paler green. The entire fruit is edible, including the thin
skin portion. They are frequently curled at one end, much like a snake
 in appearance, in fact they are often referred to as a "snake cucumber".

They are grown here in California, in fact it seems that we may be the
main producer of these fruits, but also are harvested in Armenia where
they originate. These are one of the summer bounty that can be
found at your local farmers' markets, if you live or are visiting CA. 

There is not really much of a recipe here, I basically just juiced this
baby, added vodka and lime, a bit of ice...A nice simple cocktail
for summer. But, have no fear if you do not own a juicer, 
simply add the sliced cucumber to the vodka and refrigerate for 
about 24 hours of so. Then simply strain out the cucumber :)

And if you are preparing this without a juicer (instructions below),
you may want to use 2 large cucumbers instead.

What you will need:
1 Armenian cucumber, ends trimmed
(about 8-10 ounces of juice)
12 ounces vodka
1 lime, quartered 
Cocktail shaker
Additional cucumber slices and lime 
for garnish, optional

Let's get juicing:

Begin by trimming the ends off of your cucumber, then slice 1 inch rounds,
or whatever size is most appropriate for your juicer.

Add juice and vodka to a shaker filled with ice, then pour into chilled
martini glasses. Squeeze lime juice from one quarter lime wedge 
into prepared glass and serve.  

Makes 4 martinis

*Note: if you are preparing this without juicing, as noted above
place several wedges of Armenian cucumber or traditional
cucumber into a pitcher of vodka, chill for 24 hours.

When ready, take remaining cucumber and place in a food 
processor or blender. Place the process cucumber into
a mesh sieve, pressing to extract juices. Add water
to pressed juice to taste.

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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