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Autumn Recipes and In The News

Posted by Magic of Spice

Autumn Recipes and "In The News"

Have I mentioned that Autumn or Fall is my favorite season? 

I love everything about it, but most especially the smells and warm spices. This
seasons eats are just the best, right? And even as a vegetarian, I do love all of those
those extra pound inducing sides...perhaps a bit too much, but I am probably 
not alone there :)

And since I do love the delicious dishes that make up this time of year, I
thought I would share some dishes that I had previously posted but just may be 
worth another look. I mean, we can all usually need some fresh ideas for sides
and lighter meals around the holidays...

As for the last portion in our title here, I do have some news, and several of you
are probably already aware. For the rest of you, if anyone has been wondering 
why I have made a partial disappearing act from beloved site and foodie world...
here she is, my second baby! 

Her name is "The Paint Chip", and she is a lovely little shop down on the 
Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. She is loaded with goodies from
home furnishings, décor, local fine art, jewelry and hand made body products. 

So now all I have to do is figure out how to organize my time, or rather 
effectively organize my time. Plus I just moved, and that has opened up 
a whole plethitude of other time organization issues. 

But rather than show up empty handed, I bring you a few dishes that you may
enjoy during this beautiful season Autumn...So Happy Autumn to all of you
here on the Northern Hemisphere! (Yes I do know it's half over already, but
I did say I am way behind right ;)

Now let's get to the food!
Starting with the top left...

And now I will leave all of you lovelies with a photo of The Paint Chip's
Mascot, our Mermaid :)

Alisha~Magic of Spice

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